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Chef: Stephen A. Farquhar
Executive Chef

Although Stephen Farquhar was born in Milwaukee, WI, he claims Florida as his home having grown up in the Clearwater/Largo area. With cooking and food preparation as his main interests upon graduating from Largo High School, Farquhar attended the Pinellas Technical Education Center in Clearwater, FL where he embarked upon a career the culinary arts.

Farquhar’s first job was a bus boy at Innisbrook Golf Resort in Tarpon Springs, FL. Due to his ambition and strong culinary skills, he quickly worked his way up to becoming a cook’s helper, and later progressed to a cook’s position.

Then, in 1977, Farquhar was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime. He went to Germany to train under German Master Chefs. At first, Farquhar secured a position in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, West Germany at Restaurant Café Adlwarth where he focused on traditional Bavarian cooking with an infusion of French, Swiss and Austrian cuisine. Moving on, he took a position at the Kurpark Restaurant, a large venue in the city’s park. Included in the Kurpark is the Kongresszentrum (city convention center) and the Kurtheater (city’s main theater). Although he began as a Saucier, he quickly went on to fill many positions including: Garde Manger, Chef du Poissous, Chef du Rotis, and later, Sous Chef. He enjoyed working on menus, purchasing, and was challenged as a working chef for banquet functions ranging from 20 – 2000 persons. During his time in Germany, Farquhar also worked at the Bayernhalle (Beer Hall) with traditional Basarres festivities every weekend and handled banquet functions there, as well.

Upon return to the Clearwater area in 1980, Farquhar began working at Bon Appétit in Dunedin, FL, having known the owners, Peter Kreuziger and Karl Reidl, who previously ran the Innisbrook Golf Resort where Farquhar started his career as a bus boy. It was Kreuziger and Reidl who were instrumental in getting Farquhar his jobs in Germany.

For over 30 years, Farquhar has been working with Bon Appétit in a chef capacity. Over the years, he has taken pride in developing his ever-changing menu adapting to cuisines, economies and trends throughout the years.  During a short leave of absence in 1983, Farquhar held a roundsman position at La Provance in New Orleans and later the same position at the Royal Orleans Hotel. He is also the former President of the local A.C.F. Chapter and is a member of the Chaine des Rotisueres.

Farquhar enjoys many cuisines and studies to be authentic in the different styles and ethnic dishes. He very much likes to work with what is fresh and local as much as possible and has lots of fun playing with different ideas.

In his spare time, Farquhar is an avid cyclist and kayaker. He has been happily married for 25 years and has two children.

Chef: Klaus Riedl
P.M. Sous Chef

Born and raised in Dunedin, FL, Klaus Wolfgang Riedl seemed destined to become a cook. Having a mother who hailed from New Orleans and a German-trained chef for a father, food and food preparation was always a big part of Riedl’s life. He spent his childhood tagging along to work with his father, which was always a pleasure and produced memories he will always cherish. From an early age, Riedl was chopping and mincing just for the fun of it, not knowing this would become his career path.

While in high school, Riedl began working with Chef Roger Grube at Café Alfresco in beautiful downtown Dunedin, FL. Only then did Riedl realize that being a chef was what he wanted. The fast pace and demand for quality and proper execution had him hooked from the very beginning. Upon graduating high school, Riedl pursued his culinary dream and attended Johnson and Wales University. He pursued and was awarded an Associate’s degree in Culinary Arts and a Bachelor’s degree in Food Service Management. He graduated Suma Cum Laude.

Throughout his four years at Johnson and Wales University, Riedl worked at Timo Restaurant in Sunny Isles. There, under the tutelage of Chef-Owner Tim Andriola, who trained with the likes of Chef Allen Susser, Riedl worked his way up from Garde Manger through the various stations until he became Sous Chef. His experience at Timo instilled his love for Italian and Mediterranean food with emphasis on freshness and simplicity. Andriola always stressed simplicity and, to this day, Riedl’s cooking is influenced by Andriola’s training.

After nearly four years at Timo, it was time for Riedl to move on. For the next several months he traveled to Argentina and enjoyed the country’s cuisine which, yet again, stressed simplicity. Savoring whole carcasses cooked ever so slowly over an open flame with only one seasoning made a huge impression on Riedl. To this day, he holds the foods and methods of preparation he learned in Argentina very close.

Upon returning from his sabbatical, Riedl began working as the Night Sous Chef at Bon Appétit Restaurant in his hometown of Dunedin, FL. He continues his culinary journey under the watchful and encouraging eye of Chef Stephen Farquhar.

On a personal note, Riedl is an avid hunter and, in his spare time, enjoys exercising

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